* Breeding Goals *
My aim is to breed and exhibit dogs which are superior representatives of the
breed standard in structure, temperament, type and health.


To produce high quality puppies of good structure, temperament, type
and health.

To show our dogs to their championship so that they may be
independently judged as to their quality and soundness as examples of
the breed.

To make every effort to find suitable, loving, forever homes for our dogs
by use of a rigorous selection procedure.

To provide owners with advice and support throughout the life of their
Ceallach Irish Terrier.
* Memberships *

Irish Terrier Club of America
I am Kelly Edwards.  I live in Gaithersburg, MD with my Irish crew.  My love
affair with Irish Terriers began in 2002.  I am absolutely fascinated with the
breed and can think of no other dog I would rather have.  Over the years I have
gotten so much joy in competing in both conformation and obedience with my
dogs.  My love and appreciation of the breed has been fostered by my mentor,
John Childers of Baystone Irish Terriers.  As a breeder I can only hope to
continue to improve on his fabulous line of Baystone Irish Terriers.

Baystone Irish Terriers
Kennel Red Wire

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